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Applying for Registration

Filing an initial application for a Trade Mark Registration at the UK Patent Office is a relatively simple process.

It is not so easy however to decide:

  • In what form the Trade Mark should be presented;
  • How the goods or services should be described;
  • Whether the chances of success justify the non-refundable fee; and
  • Whether there are third party rights which might threaten you.

We work with you to consider these points and, if appropriate, we will then file an application at the Trade Marks Registry.

The application then proceeds to Examination.

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When the application has been filed, the application is examined to ascertain whether the trade mark is acceptable for registration.

In most cases the official examination results are issued by the Registry within three months from filing the application, though recently this has been taking place much quicker and we have had examples where the examination report has been issued within one month.

Matters arising from the Official Letter may be such that they can be dealt with in correspondence or telephone conversations with the Registry. It may be necessary, however, to attend a Hearing at the Trade Marks Registry in order to discuss the application with a Senior Examiner.

If everything seems to be going well with your UK application you may like to consider applying for corresponding protection in other territories

Assuming that your UK application is eventually accepted by the Examiner, the application then goes forward to Publication